Due to the third lockdown at the start of the new year, many people have had the chance to experience new styles with new pieces to feed into their wardrobes for 2021. Some even taking inspiration from the 60s!

First of all, you may be wondering where all these pieces are coming from, and I can promise you that the online site Depop is the perfect place to shop. It is extremely popular at the moment, with over 21 million users! It is great to show off creativity, or for buying a vintage piece? Or maybe you would like to give some of your old favourites a second home? With Depop you can easily do this for free and safely create an account.

One trend which has spiked recently is the colour brown with it featuring all over social media. It is especially in demand, in the form of a North Face jacket, with them being sold out everywhere or placed on sites such as Depop and eBay for double the original price! This next trend has actually been on-trend before, typically in the 60s, but its back and better than ever. Many young women have found a new form of confidence through flared trousers. This style originates back to the English Fashion Designer Mary Quant, who was an extremely popular figure in the 1960s for youth clothing. In addition to this, she took credit for miniskirts and promoted these pieces to make fashion fun.

One last arising trend at the moment is corset tops. I believe that these have taken great inspiration from the new Netflix series, ‘Bridgerton’, which has become No.1 only a few days after arriving. It focuses on England’s Regency era presenting wealth, lust, and betrayal all in one spectacular story. In the show the incredible costume designs have stolen the hearts of young females, giving popularity to tops in the form of a corset. There are so many beautiful designs in so many different colours and patterns, that have been styled either in a historical way with a dress or a long skirt, or in the modernised fashion with baggy jeans. A tip from the 16-year-old model: Sophie Bransbury “I love to wear my corset sitting above some low-rise jeans or even tucked into some high-rise jeans, you can even wear it with a zip-up hoodie for a more casual chill look.”

Here are some great places to shop if you wish to follow these trends too!