On Monday, many schools reopened after the Christmas break. Only to find yesterday evening that the decision was then made to close them as part of a national lockdown.

Last week I interviewed a few teachers on their opinions of reopening schools after Christmas.

‘I believe it is important for children to have their education not interrupted and primary parents to be able to go to work. However, I need to be vaccinated for their own safety when teaching.’ -Mrs Robertson ‘Personally, I think that the schools should close. It does not make sense to me that I cannot see my family on Boxing Day and yet less than two weeks later I am in a classroom mixing with 34 households. It is extremely difficult to get children to socially distance, it is impossible in a school! I have seen first-hand that children are affected by not being in school, but it is something we need to do in order to protect our communities and our loved ones.’ -Miss Sweeney As a student I understand it is so much safer teaching online but for some this makes it harder to learn with all the distractions at home, as well as no motivation. Many students also have upcoming exams like GCSEs and A-levels which may be cancelled.

As we have now entered a national lockdown, it shows the government also feel the same way as most of us.