As part of the 2018 budget, the government launched ‘Our Plan For The High Street,’ and  £675 million was allocated to a new project called the Future High Streets Fund. The Future High Streets Fund is a project that, according to the website aims to, ‘renew and reshape town centres and high streets in a way that drives growth, improves experience and ensures future sustainability.’ The positive endeavour to support local high streets and communities received a further £325 million in July of 2019, that saw the overall fund reach a total of £1 billion.

As part of this, Sutton town centre has recently been granted £11.3 million, which will be used for various improvements and developments including: 60,000 sq. ft of refurbished commercial space, revitalising 14 unused buildings, creating 235 new homes and to support a project called, ‘Make in Sutton.’ These objectives should help to support the local community as well as boost the economy by providing new or improved industries to attract more visitors. This may be assisted by the ‘Make in Sutton,’ project which will encourage local entrepreneurs as well as both existing and emerging industries with a growth potential. Robert Jenrick, the government’s communities secretary told the Sutton and Croydon Guardian, ‘We want to support that change and make sure that they {the high streets} are the beating heart of their local community – with high quality housing and leisure.’ Sutton was also one of only 15 councils to receive the full funding it had bid for. It shows that the government appreciates the current developments and is aware that Sutton is a promising investment and will no doubt provide encouragement for those working and living on the high street.