The coronavirus has had a massive impact on the day to day lives of us. It has been a hard time for everyone as we have lost our loved ones. This virus has killed more than 1 million people and sickened 82 million people. The rise of this infectious disease led to countries having national lockdowns which lasted for months.


Some parts of the UK are currently under strict coronavirus restrictions and there is a ban in travel due to rise in cases. Secondary schools reopening after christmas has been staggered so students who have exams will return on 11th January and other students will go to school on 18th January. Students in primary schools will return on 4th January.


There are a few companies which are working on the covid-19 vaccine. Biontech and Pfizer are the two companies which have merged together to work on this vaccine. UK is the first country to approve Astrazeneca and Oxford’s vaccine and the rollout of this vaccine will start next week in Wales.