Melo Ball first rose to fame when he started playing High School basketball at Chino Hills with his two brothers; Lonzo (drafted 2nd in 2017 by the Lakers) and Gelo (who has been between NBAS G-League teams). These brothers took their High School team to a 35-0 undefeated record. This team is said to be one of the greatest High School teams of all time.

Melo kept the spotlight on him even Lonzo had left for collage when he shocked the world and dropped 92 points in a single game. This made national news and was the biggest news in basketball at the time. After this season Melo’s father, Lavar Ball, pulled Melo and Gelo out of High School and focus on Basketball. They went to Lithuania and played professional basketball overseas, this made Melo the youngest person in US history to play professional basketball. However, this did not last long and Melo and Gelo moved back to the USA. Melo then decided to go back to High School and attend SPIRE Academy in Geneva, Ohio. LaMelo balled out alongside Mark Watts and Isaiah Jackson. 

LaMelo wanted to attend university on a basketball scholarship however, he was not eligible to play because he had played professionally. So LaMelo decided to make history and announce that he was going to play for the Illawarra Hawks of the NBL in Australia. LaMelo took the NBL by storm becoming one of the most likable players and dropping two consecutive triple-doubles becoming just the fourth and youngest to do this in NBL history. Melo then took home NBL Rookie of the Year.

Then on the 18th November 2020 LaMelo was drafted 3rd overall and joined his big brother in the league. LaMelo has already made a name for himself in the NBA after only 6 games due to his flashy passes and deep range allowing him to shoot from anywhere. There is no doubt that Melo Ball a kid NBA fans have grown up watching will be an NBA star in the near future.