This year with Christmas lockdown restrictions it has became even more important for communities to come together and spread some Christmas cheer. Many have done this by taking the extra effort to decorate their homes and streets or organise small door step carolling sessions to help keep the Christmas spirit alight.

In the neighbourhoods around Wandsworth common this feeling of festivity has been made clear. With all of London being under tight restrictions many decided to try and lift spirits by decorating their homes and streets with lights. Often these decorations were street wide with communities creating new online groups via apps like whatsapp and next to help coordinate ways to spread some Christmas cheer. Along the streets people have gone around hanging lights from the trees outside their homes or decorating their windows with festive ornaments and drawings to help bring some festive spirit to this rather unorthodox Christmas.

Speaking with a local resident they described how the lights and extra efforts put in by the community has ‘really helped lift spirits and create a much more Christmassy feel to the neighbourhood.’ They also commented that it was ‘great to see the community come together especially in times like these were many couldn’t get back to see their families or friends.’

Other acts of community spirit were seen on Christmas eve when I passed a small group of carollers. People had come to watch them from their doorsteps wearing Christmas hats and jumpers. It was clear from the many singing along that people were enjoying themselves and it was great to see people keep up the festive mood. Acts like these have shown how communities can still come together even in a time where togetherness seems impossible.

With this Christmas being such a tough time for many this year these acts of community have been great to see and I hope that these feelings of community spirit will continue into the new year.