Throughout quarantine, Netflix has become the centre of most teens’ lives. With nothing to do and nowhere to go, Netflix has been on repeat, ranging from binge-worthy drama series to exciting documentaries. 

This year alone (according to, Netflix has made around 6,435 million US dollars in revenue. With consumer costs at only £8.99 for the standard package and a wide variety of shows and films, people keep on going back for more, using it as their preferred way of watching TV. 

Looking back at this year, some of the most popular films and shows include:

“The Office” (US version)

“Tiger King”

“Outer Banks” 

“The Umbrella Academy”

“13 Reasons Why”

“The Crown”


“The Order”

And many more.

According to Netflix, “Tiger King” broke business records. This is because the series received over 60 million views in the first month of the release.