2020 has been a year that has devastated many of us. The start of the year was rocky, the scare of a war and a bushfire that was among the worst in recorded history. Yet, amidst the fire, blood and brimstone that this year has brought forth there have been specks, little moment of hope that have allowed for the world to come together in unity. The first of these happened during the peak of lockdown in Italy. An entire neighbourhood (whilst social distancing in their respective houses and apartments) began to sing an old Italian folk song. The beautiful lyrics echoed across the town and spread across social media, and caught the attention of international news stations, in a time where the world needed a spark of hope; and what this little town reminded us is that, even in the darkest moments there is light. Another spark of brightness came when during the Australia wildfire, where dozens of families decided to take in koalas that had been rendered homeless after the fire had burned through their habitat. The adorable pictures spread throughout the world, garnering the attention of various celebrities to fund a pool to create a habitat for animals that had been displaced by the wildfire. These two incidents showed the world how, despite living in a scenario where something tragic is happening, and showcased top the world, how humanity can persevere despite the dark times that they may be living in. And in a year where so many beloved people died, and the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world, changing the way everyone lives, a little hope can go a long way.