Drivers entering Kent are usually greeted by signposts stating ‘Welcome to Kent – Garden of England’, yet following an overnight stunt, the word ‘Garden’ has been replaced with ‘Toilet’, with Brexit remainers claiming responsibility.

The prank covered around 30 road signs stretching from Dartford to the border with East Sussex. Anti-Brexit group EU Flag Mafia has revealed they are behind the stunt, claiming that despite the humorous signs, there remains an important message.

The activists aimed to highlight the destructive nature of Brexit that will be released on January 1st. ‘Toilet’ refers to lorry drivers needing the loo while stuck in miles of traffic during the Brexit transition period due to increased checks at major ports, such as Dover. Bottles of urine and bags of excrement are already beginning to pile up on laybys, with many arguing that the traffic will also turn Kent into the ‘Carpark of England’.

The light-hearted prank was however not entirely well received, with Brexiteers turning to Twitter to express their disgust. One user commented ‘loopy left sink to toilet level again’, with another adding ‘The petulant, infantile antics of swivel-eyed Remainers never ceases to amaze’, scorning EU Flag Mafia’s stunt.

Kent police have said they have been made aware of ‘criminal damage’ to road signs and are inquiring further. In response, EU Flag Mafia has claimed they ‘reject any suggestion of damage to the road signs’ as the stickers can be removed very easily.

As the deadline for leaving the EU looms closer, tensions are rising, and businesses are now being encouraged to prepare in order to prevent the buildup of thousands of lorries.