Tony Mortimer worked with the Waltham Forest youth choir 25 years after the first release of the song Stay Another Day by East 17. To do a re-recorded remake of the famous song Stay Another Day in December 2019. He was doing a performance with the Waltham Forest youth choir. But pupils from my school did participate in the youth choir during the year when Waltham Forest was under the borough of culture. Over 20 pupils from FB which was my old secondary school before I came to college made up half the choir.


When I listened to the remake of Stay Another Day in December 2019 by East 17 “how did we never think it was about suicide and how are we trapped inside social media with no way out.” Most people probably didn’t think this song was to do with suicide but when you hear the lyrics “won’t you stay another day”  the song made it extremely clear it was about suicide and the problems that lead to suicide that people need to speak up and sort out before it takes over their life and their mind. Which is why people who are in this problem should call the charity Campaign Against Living Miserably due to the fact depression is the biggest cause in suicide in males and females especially in the younger generation.



Why is it that suicide is such a big issue among men especially young men in the UK?

So why is this even the case or come about in recent years? Why are we seeing more of this out there? We have all heard those terms “big boys don’t shed a tear, keep a stiff upper lip, grow some you big sissy”. 

Or is it the male body one minute we are being told to have a six pack next minute our bodies need to be really slim to fit into the designer clothing that everyone wants to be glued into. Maybe young men are too body conscious, which alongside social media and undiagnosed depression could well be having a severe impact. I as you have probably gathered am a male myself who face some of these problems and problems within our culture and families. What is next?

Today the plastic surgeons are not only weaving their magic knives over the female form but more over the male form and there is a massive gender gap between males and females. What do we class as gender? Everyone has the right to be who they want and not feel ashamed of their bodies or themselves. No female or male should go through this. So Tony Mortimer’s message was to all males and females in general to open up and seek help rather than keeping it secret and causing more harm to yourself.

Getting back to the song Stay Another Day student’s of schools from the Waltham Forest borough collaborated with Tony Mortimer and thrashed out their version. I was Extremely perplexed that it didn’t reach number one this time because it was speaking up for an important cause in society. But this song coming together made a massive impact on me at the time if anyone out there is suffering or at a dangerous low especially in the shambolic 2020 when we are all incarcerated like animals told to lock ourselves up like prisoners.




The charity that has been put in place for us to get in contact and also speak to a friend don’t feel ashamed. We must be more open with our emotions. So my hero in East 17 is Tony Mortimer. He bought this song which was to do with being divided by the world and suicidal issues. My heart goes out to his brother Olly and his family. Please if you get the time and the patience listen to the song Stay Another Day.