At 9:25 on the 12th of November 2020 Joe Wicks began his 24-hour PE challenge for children in need. Wicks challenge was to continuously exercise for 24 hours only taking 5 minutes brake every hour. Completing the challenge in the BBC radio theatre at BBC HQ Wicks managed to raise £1,520,20 by the end of the 24 hours which went up to over £2.5 million in the following days. 

Wicks completed the challenge by exercising using a bike, cross-trainer, punch bag, rower, treadmill, kettlebells, dumbbells, and skipping ropes. Wicks also did workouts throughout the 24 hours, 5 of which viewers of the live could complete alongside him. With the amount of exercising Wicks was doing he had to eat a lot of food whilst doing the exercises to make up for the 10,000 calories he burned throughout the 24 hours.  

Although Wicks started off strong his body really started to hurt in the earlier hours of Friday the 13th with his back seizing up and being tight. Thankfully, Professor Greg Whyte was there for him stretching and massaging his muscles in the 5 minutes breaks. Wicks also used the 5-minute breaks to take showers and change his clothes and shoes before continuing his challenge.  

Not only was the challenge physically extremely hard it was also mentally challenging. Due to Covid 19 Wicks was in the theatre with a small number of people however celebrities were still able to join virtually including Sam Smith, Kimberly Wyatt, Hannah Cockroft MBE, and Mark Cavendish. The celebrity's each took Wicks through a different workout and kept him motivated during the challenges. Another thing that kept Wicks motivated was the DMs and Tweets from fans at home, friends and family phoning in, and seeing the money he was raising for charity go up. 

Throughout the 24 Hours viewers were kept updated via his Instagram stories, the live watch along on BBC iPlayer and BBC radio 2. After being surprised by a visit from his wife Rosie Wicks in the last hour Joe Wicks managed to complete his 24-hour PE challenge with one final workout where he was joined by schools around the UK. At the end of the day Wicks was awarded a Gold Blue Peter Badge for all the money he had raised which was announced a few days later to be over £2.5 million for children in need.