The most unfriendly and untouched tribe belonging to the Andaman islands is the “Sentinelese tribe.” These indegenous people are settled in 59.67 km² of land in the Sentinel island and have lived without any contact from the rest of the world for more than 60,000 years. This tribe is dangerous as it violently rejects contact with anyone who tries to approach them.

They are believed to be the direct descendants of the first humans who emerged from Africa. Visitors aren't allowed on their island and if they do come, they are greeted with spears and arrows. It's estimated that 40-500 people could be living there. They are protected under the indian law and live in old ways of life.

The Sentinelese tribe shouldn't be visited by modern day people because they may carry different illnesses which might endanger this tribe. They also have a unique language which in the present cannot be classified.

British explorers kidnapped a group of sentinelese people in the late 1800s and some of them were killed by diseases. There hasn't been much contact made with the sentinelese people, however, because these people aren't immune to the diseases of the rest of the world it's better for them to keep isolated.

A source says that “The North Sentinel Island made headlines in 2006 after the tribe murdered two fishermen who had illegally approached the island. After the incident, a 3-mile zone has been imposed around the island, and the sentinelese have since kept a low profile.”