2020 has perhaps been the longest or even fastest year of history. 

From the very start, this year has witnessed countless shocking events from the biuret explosions to the death of George Floyd to the whole world going on lockdown. 

It is clear that this year has dramatically changed lives and took a toll in peoples mental health. 

During the pandemic, statistics suggest that almost half of the uk population had felt in anxious or worried in the previous 2 weeks, in August. 

 Quantative data cannot highlight everyone's emotions this year, so there are evidently many unrecorded figures. 

This is why I stress the importance of checking up on your friends and family who may be battling their own problems silently. 

With this undoubtedly rough year, coming to an end, it is crucial we take care of each other and OURSELVES. 

There is one month left until 2021 which I hope will bring us all better days 

Here are some helplines you can contact if you are feeling down or need someone to talk to: 

1) www.samaritans.org 

2) www.childline.org.uk 

3) www.mind.org.uk 

4) www.sane.org.uk