The John Lewis Christmas advert has gained something of a cult following over the last few years. Every year people speculate how John Lewis will top the infamous “Bear & the Hare” advert in 2013. While I don’t think that it can ever truly be bettered, this year’s advert strikes more deeply and has a simpler message than prior years: “Give a little love”.

2020 has made us stop and pause in a way we never have before, we’ve supported our local businesses more as they struggled in lockdown and we’ve cherished the increased time spent with family. This year has taught us to value each other more, and brought communities closer together, and this is reflected in the advert. Each person in the advert shows kindness to another person, which in turn leads them to show kindness to someone else. It’s a heartfelt reminder to people that the love and affection we show each other will brighten everyone’s lives.

The advert draws on different animation techniques, such as traditional 2D drawn animation which is so reminiscent of the classic 2013 advert, as well as clay stop-motion and CGI animation, each bringing its own unique artistic style to the production. This unorthodox approach was taken by John Lewis to shine a light on the much-forgotten animation industry which has suffered so much during to the lockdown, and allow multiple artists to showcase their talents.

Not forgetting the advertisements musical score, Celeste a British singer-songwriter wrote and performed the song “A little love”, which became the first original song to be featured on a John Lewis Christmas advert. Its beautifully serene and mellow piano backing track, paired with Celeste’s soul vocals, creates a song that incapsulates the spirit of Christmas.

One final detail not to be missed is the tribute to the work of the NHS during the pandemic, with the inclusion of a key worker in the bus scene.

Personally, I think this advert is very poignant as it draws on many positives, and conveys a simple and heartfelt message to us all.

John Lewis are aiming to raise £4m in donations to support 100,000 families in need this Christmas. Text LOVE to 70630 to donate £3. John Lewis will match the first £2m in public donations.