Rowing is becoming an increasingly popular sport among teenagers in school and for many reasons from the competitive opportunities to the social elements. Recent years have seen the sport rapidly growing in numbers and engagement, a lot of this due to schools offering it as part of their curriculum. Living in London, this is a sport we are lucky to have lots of access to. So what is it that’s makes this sport so great for a range of different people no matter what their previous sporting achievements.
    Firstly, the clearest benefit is physical health. Whether it’s done socially or competitively it is an outside based sport which is great for people’s health. This sport strengthens the cardiovascular system which affects the heart, blood and blood vessels. Furthermore it keeps people active and is considered one of the most strenuous sports (ranked 8 out of the 10 most physically demanding sports last year) which means that even if moderated in speed/effort to be more relaxed it still works people’s bodies and impacts their stamina and strength over time in the same way .
    Another benefit which draws people in is the mental benefits, as studies show that being out in the open is very beneficial for people’s health and the fresh air can be calming and positive. Another way it impacts people’s mental health is how it gives something to focus on and clear your head if your stressed, you can simply forget about everything going on and focus on the actions. It also provides people motivation and a clear goal to reach whether that is improving a time or getting into a higher team which can be very positive in keeping you motivated and goal orientated. Furthermore you can make lots of new friends and meet lots of people whilst staying active and fit!