what has been the positive outcomes of lockdown life?  


Many people focus on the negative outcomes of this lockdown, but I would like to focus on the positive. For many, lockdown life has been a time for personal reflection and positivity. Whether it be your change in diet or a new goal in life. Without doubt, lockdown has definitely brought difficulty worldwide but with this ‘new normal’ is certainly becoming more adaptable as this virus continues.  


With many families all in the house together, this has brought upon a positive impact to family dynamics and wellbeing, a study from Leeds Trinity University, Leeds Trinity academics Dr Carmen Clayton and Marie Potter have conducted British Families in Lockdown to investigate the day-to-day experiences of families managing work, home life and home-schooling. The study has also highlighted that spending more time together as a family is beneficial for many children. Contrary to some of the negative reports of home-schooling, a significant number of parents felt that their children benefited from one-on-one learning at home, leading to progression in reading, writing and language skills. At the same time, many parents prioritised their child’s wellbeing above educational attainment during this time, leading to reports of positive child wellbeing and outcomes. 


Positive impact on families isn't the only good outcome, many found a personal benefit, people took the opportunity to eat healthier especially with the elimination of fast food and impulsive snack purchases, there was more time to think about your eating options. Here are a few more example of the numerous benefits, driving less = less pollution. Not only are we saving money on gas, but we aren’t polluting as much, and the UK traffic has been lighter as well as the air cleaner. With lots of spare time, people have taken upon the opportunity to widen their skills on improving cooking and baking. Catching up on reading has been a great thing to fill up time with too. And how can we forget, more technology has been used to its potential, with an increase in people understanding and being educated on the great thing's technology can give us, families who don’t live together have been reunited through many devices including zoom or facetime.  


The environment has also had a huge positive outcome, with less travel comes less CO2 emissions. This has a wider impact towards climate change and zero carbon policies, which most organisations are now targeting. People are saving money, travel time to and from work. The positive impact on the environment is unquestionable, the reduction in journeys and demand peaks on public transport has definitely formed an environmental outburst.