Fans shocked as Newcastle YouTuber True Geordie (Brian Davis) a YouTube channel with 1.89 million subscribers has announced his department from YouTube and taking his popular YouTube football show ‘The Kick Off’ to, the live streaming platform, Twitch. 


Brian announced this news with his co-host Laurence McKenna. The duo said that ‘The Kick Off’  was expensive to run and in the announcement video (Leaving YouTube-True Geordie - the duo make it clear that they feel that moving to Twitch is the best move for them. They are moving ‘The Kick Off’ as well as all live stream endeavours to be exclusively on Twitch. However the podcast and True News will be staying on YouTube.


Brian and Laurence announced in the latest podcast that his dream is to make ‘The Kick Off’ monetarily self generating and so they do not have to rely on sponsors to keep the show going and so thought that Twitch would be the best place for that with the subscription feature that means fans can help contribute financially. Brian excitedly said ‘I deserve this’ when talking about the Twitch deal.


They set to begin streaming on Thursday the 19th of November 2020 with a starting stream of Brian and Laurence saying in it they will be ‘playing the playstation five as it comes out’ and they will  ‘play the games that you guys want to see’. They also announced two shows on Saturday and Sunday (21st and 22nd) of the Kick Off also.


While some are disappointed with the inconvenience of the change of platform, others feel that this offers a bright future for the True Geordie team where they can continue to make content there fans are passionate about and be rewarded at the level they should be for that. I and many others are happy for the success of The True Geordie team and hope they continue making the amazing content they are already making, and now on Twitch and YouTube.