Ever wondered what it would be like work as a twenty- first century engineer would be like well, let’s find out together as I interview a RVC on site engineer.

Q: What title do you have at your job?

A: I am principle engineer at the Royal veterinary college.

Q: What responsibilities do you have within your job?

A: I'm responsible for all the maintenance and all the campuses across London. I also get involved with project works and new developments on site.

Q: What qualifications or training did need you to have for in order to get your job?

A: When I finished at school, I did a four-year apprenticeship as a mechanical technician with Marconi Radar Systems I then went to the University of Northumbria at Newcastle and studied for my honours degree in building services and engineering. I have since qualified as a chartered engineer.

Q: What would a typical day in your life look like pre- COVID?

A: A typical day starts off with checking the building management system to see exactly which buildings were operating and had faults then see how much energy they were consuming, from then we review all the faults that are logged by the occupiers and set about repairing them.

Q: What is your favourite part of your job?

A: The favourite part my job is completing a project and seeing the improvements that have been made to the buildings.

Q: What impact has COVID-19 had on your working life?

A: Everything has slowed down quite a lot the budgets have been cut because we have to spend money to make the campus safe and secure for the students and stuff  therefore we've had to hold back on completing projects that we had in the pipeline.