Marketing is when a business promotes the buying or selling of a product or service. An example of this is advertisements that we see on a daily basis, on tv or posters. The main purpose of this is to attract customers and to draw their attention to what the business is selling. This way the business makes more sales. Marketing also allows people to find out what is going on in the market lately.

Some people are against the idea of marketing. This is because adults are put under pressure by their children to buy what they find amusing in tv adverts. The strain they receive is unmanageable, as children are very stubborn and want to get what they demand for. Most adults would not want these advertisements shown. Others say that advertisement are fake and the products do not work the way they are shown. However, there are laws put in place to ensure that businesses only show what it true.

For a business, promoting their products is quite costly and time-consuming although it’s effective. In addition, measuring your marketing effort on the internet is much more difficult and complicated than it sounds. Another thing a company has to face online is negative feedback and harsh comments. This tarnishes the brand name and puts off the customers that are interested in the product. These reasons stop a business from promoting.

Yet, there are many reasons why businesses need marketing. The main reason is that marketing helps to build a strong relation between the business and its customers. It is a way that businesses inform their customers about their goods. By promoting its products, a business manages to increase its sales. If a business does not advertise, it is quite difficult for others to find out about their services. Marketing is an efficient way for a business to communicate with their customers indirectly. It gives customers reminders of latest products and also interests new customers. Promoting itself, is a right for the business as this way it can be at a similar level to its competitors and make higher profits. 


Anika Panwar (Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College)