Due to the COVID crisis we’ve all had to make sacrifices. Whether that’s our favourite hobbies, clubs, work, or school. However, it always interests me how resilient people are and how many find ways around such huge problems. I’ve been lucky enough to speak to a few people who live around my area in Kingston to find out what they’ve been getting up to over lockdown.


Exercise and Zoom


With gyms closed along with most pools and sports teams, exercise has become harder. Luckily, many people have been able to find ways around this obstacle, whether that’s by doing sport and practice alone in their home, or over Zoom with teachers and friends.

The first person I spoke to was twelve-year-old Molly Taylor, who used to do synchronised swimming at the Malden centre before lockdown. Her Mother tells me that due to the crisis Molly “does Zoom classes where they practice splits and other exercises.”

I also spoke to Sally Brockway who has been continually active— doing three Zoom ballet lessons every week in her kitchen. She says, “ I’ve been able to do classes based in London that are otherwise difficult to get to”  and  “I am determined not to emerge from lockdown heavier than I was going in.”

It appears people are determined to keep their strength and fitness up before everything goes back to normal!


Hobbies and Activities


From arts to crafts people love to keep busy at home. Whether that’s doing things for family, friends, charity, or other locals, many have been able to keep a good routine through creativity.

I spoke to Frances Peebles who does plenty of things! She tells me that she has continued to make “crochet- pram blankets to donate to charity shops” along with knitting for her granddaughters, which I think is lovely of her. She also makes time to “play the piano” and “have a longish walk daily” “often with a friend or family member.” Because of quarantine she has also been able to pick up a few more such as doing an “at-home daily workout using YouTube” and taking part in Zoom calls. Overall, it sounds like Frances is very busy and I wish her luck with everything.

Finally, I spoke to artist Leo Duff who has a very interesting project on the go! He says, “I gave myself a daily project for 111 days in lockdown of making a new exhibition in my bay windows.” He tells me “it was about an hour, maybe two hours work each day and gave me a routine” saying he hopes it also gave “some pleasure for local people out on their daily exercise walks.” This project fascinates me as I have a personal love for artwork. His impressionistic style is lovely to look at and I think his commitment to his work and community is wonderful. I will attach a link to his website for anyone who would like to look at some of his beautiful art:

Website= http://leoduff.com/   Instagram= @artist.leoduff

This Is Local London:


So overall, I’m inspired by all the people that I have spoken to today; none of them have given up on goals or commitments because of COVID and many have found new ideas, hobbies, and talents within lockdown. Well done to them all!