While there is great confusion over the tiered system and the rules that come with it there is also the problem of areas in between two different authorities for example Cheam which is partially in Sutton in  London and partially in Epsom and Ewell which is outside London. Now this creates issues and makes the tiered system not entirely work in the area.

As Sutton is in London it is subject to the tier given to the whole of London which is tier 2, where as, Epsom and Ewell is given its own tier which is tier 1.

In tier 1 the rule of six applies on indoor and household gatherings as well as exercise, face coverings are also necessary on public transport. However in tier 2, along with the tier 1 rules, the rule of 6 applies not only to indoor gatherings it also applies to outside gatherings and you are not allowed to meet with people outside your support bubble or household indoors.

So what is the problem that is created by this?

The difference in rules means those who live in the Cheam area inside Epsom and Ewell are less restricted and can meet up to 6 people inside their homes and over 6 outside this means they may be more susceptible to covid-19 as they are in contact with more people. But the problem continues when those who live in the Epsom and Ewell side go to the London side of Cheam where cases are not only higher but also rules are stronger.

As those in the tier 1 area are less restricted they are more likely to become infected with covid-19 due to more social interactions and so when they go into the London area for shopping, travelling to central London or to meet up outside they may pass on the virus, increasing cases in an area already with higher cases.

However, not only this but due to tier 1 restrictions being lower the cases are rising and are in fact higher in Epsom and Ewell than in Sutton; having 136.4  and 128.1 per 100,000 rate of cases respectively. Begging the question does the tiered system work?

In some cases the tiered system has worked well allowing those in areas with little cases to enjoy a little bit of normality but in areas where there are multiple independently tiered areas the system does not work and it is said that Boris Johnson is looking to announce a national lockdown next week. What do you think would be the best strategy to coping with coronavirus?