During this pandemic many courses and learning are being taken virtually, including work experience.  Due to this virus many aspects of life are changing with one in particular being education. Online learning does not support social interaction many students have at school but it is beneficial in other ways.

Some find it more suitable in a homely environment. This could lead to reduce in stress for many. Virtual learning platforms tend to have a recording feature where if a child were to take classes online they could spend more time reviewing the lessons taking more notes and focus on areas that are challenging.  

These classes can also be less distracting as students no longer have the ability to crack jokes disrupting the work environment.  Teachers have the option to mute students only allowing them to speak once they have clicked the ‘raise hand’ button. Studying at home gives students the freedom to work at their own pace and set times to study which are comfortable for them.

One of the most important factors is keeping safe. Online learning ensures safety as social distancing laws cannot be crossed with each student in their own home. This also tends to be more convenient and flexible as you can join a lesson mere moments after a break at the click of a button.

Virtual work experience gives students the option to attend a full internship from home with as little as a laptop and a suitable internet connection. Applying for online internships is the same but the experience is different.

These internships have many similarities when compared with in-person internships whilst also connecting many from across the globe onto one platform.

The advantages of in-person and online internships are similar and they are both regarded with the same value as most workplaces cannot put in place procedures to cope with this pandemic.

Many websites including Investin and Prospects are providing students with the opportunity to attend work experience that can hopefully support them when pursuing their future career. Investin includes internships dealing with medicine and engineering with the Young Doctor Autumn internship which took places just last week. Although carried out infront of a screen the experience is fully immersing feeling as though you are taking it in-person.