Universally, people are experiencing the struggles of lockdown. However, staying healthy and getting our bodies moving has become more important than ever, for our mental and physical health.


As a result of isolation, many of us have found that our screen time has increased considerably. This could be a result of hours spent on Facetime with a friend, or an endless flow of emails. In any case, this can have numerous bad effects. Technology can lead to isolation, anxiety, stress and depression. But how do we solve this issue?


One of the simplest solutions to this is going outside and exercising! This means you won’t be staring at your screen. Furthermore, Science Daily found that “exposure to greenspaces significantly reduces people’s levels of salivary cortisol – a physiological marker of stress”. Isabel Staples (a rower at Wimbledon High School) says that through lockdown it helped her to “stay fit and active, which set [her] up well for online learning!” Physical activity is especially important now, as it can also strengthen your immune system.


In addition to going for a jog or walking your dog, there are many exercise classes now available which have put measures in place to make them Covid-friendly! For example, Pedal Studio in Wimbledon is open now, with a range of spinning classes.


Whether you’re making an effort to get some fresh air, or competitively training, this is one of the best things you can do for your body and your mind. If you’re able, why wouldn’t you?