Merton council has recently released new plans for restrictions on school roads to reduce congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions by restricting access to school streets during school hours.

Merton council has recently released a new plan to restrict access to school roads during school hours, usually for 45 minutes at a time. The council has decided that such restrictions will cause a safer and less polluted environment for school pupils to travel to school in. They also state that these measures will, “encourage active travel to and from school, helping children lead healthier lives”.

These measures have already been put in place and are active in many school roads, such measures may provide a safer environment for school students but don't come without any downsides. The time restrictions may affect those who commute to work and they may have to take another route, with some roads closed this could cause high traffic and pollution in roads close to the restricted school roads. Many parents who drop off their kids to school could choose to walk as the average primary school commute is only 1.5 miles. If they dont walk they will further congest the surrounding roads of school restricted areas.

I believe these measures are ineffective as they don't improve the pollution or safety of school age children as the measures are ineffective in reducing emissions and traffic.