Powerwave Fitness, a new gym which has recently opened in Beckenham, Elmers End Green, is quickly rising in popularity. This is due to its unique take on a classic gym classes, and safe approach to coronavirus.

The gym has an inclusive and enjoyable way of helping clients improve their fitness, whilst being accessible and flexible. Every workout is different, and the instructors help each individual tailor the workout to suit their own needs and fitness levels. With 20-minute classes every 45 minutes from 8am to 7pm, it is easy for people to go to classes without having to adjust their schedule and can go at a time that suits them. The company’s slogan is “we are strike, strength, HITT, cardio, and a complete body workout in 20 minutes”. This means that although some workouts are aimed at different things, they all are a full body workout and incorporate different types of training.

With gyms being one of the places having to close during the first lockdowns in England, it was harder to get the gym up and running, having to make sure everything complied to coronavirus guidelines. The owner, Sue Wheeler, explained that “it was a lengthy process”, however the response has been “really good, really positive” and “the concept has worked really well”.

The innovative concept means that if you are currently working at home, you can easily go and do a personalised, quick workout at a time that suits you. The 15 minutes between classes allows staff to wipe down and clean all the equipment that has been used. Much more is also being done; by sanitising hands regularly, the use of antimicrobial gloves (special gloves used to minimise contact) , spots where people should stand 2 metres apart, ventilation, and doors they can open to let fresh air in, the gym is suited for the new times.

With schools also being closed at times, parents might be wondering how they can go to the gym, if they have children at home. Luckily, kids’ classes are planning to be introduced, for children aged 6-14. Parents will also be able to work out with their children, which would be a great way to spend some quality time together whilst also getting exercise! They have small weights for children to use, and of course the parents can use the heavier ones (or the lighter ones, no one is judging!) to maximise their workout.

The gym is a great addition to this area, especially during these difficult times, as exercising has shown to be a benefit to physical and mental wellbeing.