The importance of learning a foreign language.

Here are three interesting things that you probably don’t know about people who speak more than one language.

  • Someone who can speak four languages is referred to as a quadrilingual
  • The name of the individual who speaks the most languages in the world  is Muhamed Mesic, who is a polyglot who speaks 73 languages fluently
  • An estimated 40-45 percent of our world speak more than one language.

Learning a language can be a strenuous activity, whether it is the grammar, the alphabet or the vocabulary, you have to dedicate time to your studies. Why do I need to learn a language when I already speak English? You may ask. Well, there is a higher chance of being successful and you could speak to more people when travelling. Not to mention, learning a foreign language enhances listening skills and memory. Did you know that a study in Scotland and Italy found that bilingual children were significantly more successful than their monolingual peers? I didn’t think so.

When I am older, I would like to be a translator or a teacher in France or in Spain. Languages are my passion and I believe that if you tried to learn a language you would share mutual beliefs. The sentiment of pure satisfaction when you feel that you have developed new vocabulary is phenomenal. If I could, I would learn even more languages! I hope I have inspired you to learn one as well.