Many school students are now on half term break, but with the government releasing its latest set of covid-19 restrictions, it is difficult to meet up with others. With the weather also becoming wetter and colder, how should we keep ourselves busy indoors and stop boredom taking over our lives?

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the idea of new three tier system for England (medium, high and very high) on Monday 12 October, (which now separates areas by how severe their infection rate is and therefore the severity of the lockdown rules), many of us were rather dismayed with the new restrictions – especially those in higher-tier areas. It is now much harder to meet up with friends, travel from place to place and mix with other households. Additionally, we are quickly approaching the cold and wintry months, where we are starting to retreat back to the warmth and comfort of our homes. So, how do we keep ourselves busy at home and combat boredom?

Believe it or not, there are still lots of things we can get up to at home to have fun and still enjoy ourselves. One thing, which most of us have already indulged ourselves in, is binge-watching our favourite TV shows and movies. However, there are still so many things you could try out. You can try and choose some stuff from this short list:

  • Make some art or listen/play music
  • Read or write a book
  • Play some board games or do a jigsaw
  • Do some cooking or baking
  • Clean/declutter your house.
  • Go for a run/bike ride
  • Learn to play an instrument or learn a new skill.

One of the biggest things we can do to prevent boredom is this: Let go and just have some fun! Often, we don’t decide to do something because we simply believe it just won’t be that interesting or rewarding. Or sometimes we can’t be bothered to actually do it. That is fair enough – sometimes it is easier want to spend most the day relaxing by scrolling through our phones. But it can be good to try our very best to just get going with something, rather than wondering about what to actually do or whether it will be enjoyable.

Local mother, Navita, has many tips for what to do if you are bored. ‘Over lockdown, we really enjoyed the plethora of YouTube videos... baking, drawing, doodling and crafting.  Lots of channels and vloggers sprung up offering great ways to keep yourself busy. Also, many people have taken to decluttering in these times.  I involve the kids to sort toys most holidays - out with the old and making way for more space etc.  Personally, I also find baking very therapeutic... it is absorbing and who doesn't love having something sweet to ease the mid-afternoon slump.’

Although British weather is notorious for being unpredictable, there will still be some days when the sun does come out! Make sure to make the most of this and get some fresh air. Sometimes just taking a quick walk or run outside can make you instantly feel better and more relaxed. Cycling has also increased hugely since lockdown and is a great thing to try out if you are unsure what to do. Just grab your bike and head out for a ride – there are a huge amount of local bike routes which you can easily find online. Local cyclist Danny, age 14, says ‘During lockdown period, I went from the odd ride to over 100 kilometers each week on the bike. I would never have had the chance to consistently cycle and explore if it wasn’t for the lockdown.’ Danny’s experience shows us all how much you can improve at new skill by simply practicing it regularly. It also highlights that we should always look for the bright side in the midst of these lockdown restrictions – including that we should truly savour any extra time we get given throughout our daily lives.

Overall, making a routine and experimenting with some new activities, while simply not being too hard on yourself will help you massively to have an even better half term. Although the coronavirus has obviously had large impacts on all our lives, be re-assured that you can still stay busy throughout the half term break and beat lockdown boredom!