With its cutting-edge technology owing to the A14 bionic chip, the all new iPhone 12 is a true one-of-its-kind in the industry. The components of the device itself are made to great precision which are just a few atoms wide, that is 0.00000001 centi-meters! SEVEN ZEROS BEFORE THE ONE! To top this, the iPhone 12 Pro Max also uses the “Camerus Maximus” for detailed photography that once was only achievable through the usage of hi-tech, professional cameras. Apple claims that this revolutionary  technology for photography is 87% better. It has even proven to be the toughest smartphone on account of the new ceramic shield display, which is lighter but much stronger when compared to the conventional glass display that constitutes many of the older smartphones. The super Retina XDR display outperforms the outdated HDR displays that many phones use right now. Apple also promises “an infinity pool of pixels,” for endless entertainment of immense quality. Just perfect to binge watch your favourite shows on Netflix. This brand-new, expensive piece of technology has attracted many, not only origin to the first world countries but the ones that follow them too. But at what cost?

In order to make more sales for profit, a simple marketing strategy would be to increase the prices in the more wealthier countries and to decrease the prices in countries that are not as affluent, right? However Apple's prices are almost doubled in countries that probably cannot afford them. A model with 512 GB of data storage in the USA is sold for $1,399.00(which is £1068.17), this happens to be the cheapest price for which it is sold; followed by ¥150800 in Japan,(which in pound sterling would be £1098.74). In the United Kingdom itself, the prices are £1399. Likewise, in any developed country, may it be Korea, where it is sold for ₩1.9 million(don’t be shocked, for it is £1673.23); or Switzerland, where it is sold for CHF1589 (which is £1337.76), prices are cheap. I know, I know, prices in the £1000s are not “cheap” but be patient till you hear the prices in India, a developing, 2nd world country. ₹199,900. Now you may be shocked. When converted to pound sterling, this is £2075.96

An article published by India Today says that someone willing to buy the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, could take a flight to the city of Dubai, buy the iPhone, take a couple of pictures, have this "mini vacay", enjoy the view of the beautiful city from the airport, come back, AND STILL SAVE SOME MONEY. It is absolutely ridiculous!

Well, It's a topsy-turvy pricing for a topsy-turvy world and the only possible explanation is probably Apple's bizarre pricing or export duty taxes. Stay in tune, if you want to read about those in my upcoming articles.