Coronavirus outbreak at Dartford Grammar Girls

A positive coronavirus case has been reported at Dartford Grammar school for girls. A student in year ten was confirmed positive with the virus on Tuesday, but was absent from school since Friday the 16th of October.

Sixty-four Year ten students who all came into close contact with the student were immediately taken out of lessons and were picked up as soon as possible. Depending on the time of their last contact with the girl who is infected with the virus, they have different amounts of time to self-isolate for. The majority of them however have been told to self-isolate until October 31st, missing all of half term.

The girl’s identity has been kept anonymous from all students, but teachers have been reassuring everyone involved saying she is feeling well and no further cases have been reported as to date.

Online lessons resume for the students that have been sent home with a boring half term ahead for most of them. However, it is beneficial to remain isolated to control the rapid spread of COVID-19 and to protect the health of others.

One student said, “I hope the infected student is okay and no one else gets sick however I am quite upset I cannot go outside during half term. I plan to face time my friends quite a lot to give me something to do”.

It has been an unfortunate week for many students at Dartford Grammar for School for Girls and I hope everyone stays in perfect health because that’s the most important thing in this situation.