A new Pedestrian and Cycle Zone has been introduced in Wimbledon Village between the Village High Street and Lingfield Road. This is a temporary zone, set up by the Council in response to Coronavirus in order to support local businesses. The zone has been designed to create a better environment for the local community and visitors, with more space for pedestrians to enjoy the Village. It will allow space for businesses to spill-out and for the weekly Sunday Wimbledon Village Farmer’s Market to grow and thrive in a new, on street setting. It also creates a better environment for the local community and visitors. This is of particular relevance during the current Covid-19 pandemic, as the greater space provided to the market (in comparison to its previous location) allows for less congestion and the opportunity for current social spacing standards to be complied with by both traders and the public generally. The zone will operate from Thursday to Saturday between 6pm and 11pm and Sunday between 9am and 11pm. This is a great new change as it not only supports local businesses by bringing them back to trade and increasing the area in which they can work, it implements safety through the opportunity to social distance in an outdoor setting, both between traders and the general public; which is most important now than ever before. In addition, this allows people to appreciate a sense of normality whilst enjoying doing things they used to love (such as shopping at a local farmer’s market) whilst contributing towards the economy.