Lionel Stanhope was hired to paint a large mural under Barnes Bridge, SW13 this week.  Stanhope’s mural depicted a life-like (though not life size) hedgehog, a heron in flight, and a house with green foliage, next to ‘Barnes Bridge’ in a bold font.  Painted with bright green and deep purple it is a funky addition to this solemn bridge.

Areas like Shoreditch and Camden are well known for their wonderful street art - it embodies the creative atmosphere and opportunist mindset of the place.  However, in many other areas, streets are void of this art form.  When asked on how street art can be accepted more, Stanhope explained that “a few pieces of street art need to go up [in an area] and then more people be accepting of the art”.  “I would like to think that [my work] will inspire more street art to be made in Barnes” he said.

During the Covid19 lockdown, many artists (amateurs and professionals) were given the gift of time and took to their sketchbooks, scraps of paper, even cake icing to experiment and express their creativity.  When asked about his experience of the pandemic Stanhope reminisced; “I work quite a lot in television and film, so that stopped, but it hasn’t been too bad”.  

The joy of street art is that it is accessible to anyone and everyone, and a lovely surprise to those who pass by it.  Hopefully, more will be made and discovered around London.