Smells Like Teen Spirit

By Krishna Eddanapudi (5358)



Based in Tiffin School for Boys, Groovant is a soft-rock/pre-2000 pop band. The picture on the right shows the band active during lockdown. 

On Tuesday, the 21st of October, I managed to interview all five members of the band, delving deeper into the band origins and more about their music. 

Kavin, main drummer, talked more about Groovant.

 “We are a five-member band, wherein I play the drums, Elliot either plays the bass or the guitar, Amadeus mainly sings, Hamza also plays the guitar, and Jack either plays the piano or the drums. Hamza (bottom left in the picture) is the main editor as well. But we’re quite flexible when it comes to playing instruments, editing and song-making, since all of us play a second instrument, and we can all either edit or write lyrics.”


Who are your biggest influences, and who do you think you sound like?


Hamza: “We’re all influenced by different bands and artists. For example, I really like rock and roll, like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and so on. So is Elliot, but he’s more into Grunge music, like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. We’re all influenced by similar genres, different bands and artists, but, unlike most kid/teen bands, we’re not huge fans of modern pop. I think that’s what makes us very special. We’re trying to re-introduce 70s-90s music, and we want to create our own image. So we tend to have our own spin on it individually while still keeping it together as a band.” 


“Lockdown has, in fact, influenced the way we communicate with each other and our song-making process in a positive way.”


Lockdown in 2020 has heavily shaped everyone’s lives around the world. It has had a very negative impact on the economy, education and more importantly, mental health. 

So, I asked Groovant about how lockdown has affected the band’s progress this year.


Amadeus: “As a band, I feel like we thrived during lockdown. It has influenced the way we communicate with each other and our song-making process in a positive way. Elliot and Jack both joined us then and, although it’s not an ideal circumstance, it has definitely helped us start recording, and sped up our song-making process. We didn’t need to worry about having to meet up at a place. We’ve also definitely expanded during lockdown. People noticed us, and we’ve had followers.”

Elliot: ‘But having to communicate online was also very difficult and annoying. It wasn’t the same as playing in the same room with each other and being a proper band. I wouldn’t say we enjoyed doing it online, and the experience would’ve been better if we were in the same room.”


Groovant aims to write more songs, and are at the moment looking for followers, support, so that they can continue entertaining everyone…

To find out more about Groovant, check out their youtube channel: