A fun, spooky day of the year, potentially at risk of being cancelled many people across the country as the rule for gatherings of up to 6 has been put into place in the UK. 

As Covid-19 makes it's way across the country, many families and friends have had to cancel there plans for halloween due to the current pandemic putting the rule of gatherings of up to six in place.

Parties, sleepovers, dinner parties, even the traditional trick-or-treating is potentially at risk of being tricked into lockdown.

Some areas in the UK have been placed into tier two and three, meaning that they have stricter rules on what they are allowed to do and where they are allowed to go.

Whereas other counties and cities have been placed into tier 1, resulting in them still having certain restrictions in place, but are more relaxed and are less stricter than the tier two and three rules.

This means that children could miss out on filling there pumpkin buckets with their favorite treats and sweets, and tricking their neighbours and friends with the fake rats and spiders up their sleeves with fake blood dripping out of their mouths.

In other places, events such as street parties have had to be cancelled because of social distancing and because of the amount of people you are allowed to meet up with.

So maybe this is our new halloween from now on until the near future. Watching age rating 18, horror movies or playing pranks on your family or even just meeting up with your friends to have a sleepover and watch films that we arent allowed to.

Could this be our permanent halloween break?

Will it be like this forever?