The performing arts school, Hollywood Performing Arts, has managed to pull together an amazing dance show, even though there have been major changes to the way they can rehearse due to the challenges that Coronavirus has given them.

The event will happen on Sunday, the 18th October and also on Sunday, the 25th October. Obviously, because of the new coronavirus restrictions, they can not have a live audience like they normally do for a show, and so instead, they came up with the clever idea to film the show and then do a live stream of all the dances on the 13th November 2020.

There are lots of different styles of dances that will be performed, such as tap, street, ballet, contemporary etc. The dances had been well rehearsed on zoom over lockdown, and all the dancers within the performing arts school have managed to pull of the dances incredibly well. The children in these dances range from the age of 4-16.

A student at Hollywood Performing Arts said that ‘The dances that we have been learning have been extremely difficult, and with the added challenges of trying to learn them over zoom in my living room has made it even harder, but we all feel well-rehearsed and ready to get in the studio and perform!’.

The dances will be live streamed on the 13th of November and everyone that pays the small price of £25 (per household) can watch it from the comfort of their own homes, including the people in the show themselves!

To conclude, a performing arts school in Dartford is about to pull of a show of a life time – even though it wont have the same atmosphere that they would normally in the theatre, the students there are ready to have an amazing time at their show and they feel as though they are going to do everything they can to help prove that even a global pandemic can’t stop them!