“PogChamp: A Study”

In order to argue why the term “pog” should be added to the dictionary, we must discuss the origin of it. Pog, also known as “poggers” or “pogchamp” was first used on Twitch, a content creation platform used mainly for streaming video games. It is often accompanied by an image of a shocked expression, with the eyes wide and the mouth open. The word can be used in a variety of situations but is generally used as a synonym of “awesome” or “cool”.

Now that we know the history and connotations of the phrase, we can now argue why it should be recognised as a real word rather than as a colloquial term. It is already well embedded into the lore of Twitch and has been spreading rapidly in popularity for the last few months. The word “pog” is technically already in the dictionary but it is used as a noun. I would propose that we add the adjectival meaning as well so that this versatile term could be used to the maximum potential. In today’s generation of younglings, the term holds lots of meaning and is often thought to be the most impactful way to convey their messages, and I believe that this could apply to all generations, should they be exposed to it. In other words, I think it would be a real pog moment if “pog” was recognised worldwide.