The Work Lunches


The favourite part of the whole working population is midday. You get a rest from your tedious mundane job and a break from that overconfident noisy apprentice who has been asking question constantly all morning. That growl in your stomach is finally going to be treated.

So, after this horrendous morning you can finally go to the work cafeteria on where you will be served food from a company who pride themselves on having a “healthy and delicious piece of scran”. The slogan itself sets worry into you. You get in the queue which is jammed with all the workers of the building and that takes up too twenty minutes to get served at. The smell of sweat and deodorant from all the IT staff puts you off your food even before getting to look at it.

Once you have completed the wait that felt like an eternity you are greeted by the rude and restless catering staff that have been tirelessly preparing your food all morning while you worked. After this greeting you are given a white carboard container that contains the food that could make or break the rest of your working day. This process is very similar to a being treated as a convict in prison.

Once you have taken your seat and open the box you finally get to see the food that will be sitting in your stomach for the rest of the afternoon. In this box you can see this shepherd’s pie that has been shoved in the box without any care or love. The mince of the pie looks and has the texture of dirt and the taste is not any better. The topping is a large broccoli which is rock hard and unable to be bitten into. The dessert which is a dry lemon cake that takes all the moisture from your moth like a sponge. After this depressing lunch your stomach and your well-being were worse of than it had started.

The whole working force has now decided to take pack lunches to work causing the catering company to go out of business.