We know, as a fact, that Diana was in a fatal car crash on the 31st of August 1997 when driving through Paris with her lover Dani Fayed. However, what we cannot be so sure about are the reasons, people and actions that lead to the death that stopped the world. In this article I will breakdown some or the most chilling and well-known factors that have led to so many concluding Diana did not just die in an accidental car crash but rather was murdered, brutely in cold blood. 

One of the strongest arguments and points of debate is the suggestion that Diana was carrying Dani Fayed’s child. Mr Fayed, the would be grandfather of princesses’ child, claimed that the British government would not ‘accept that an Egyptian Muslim’ his son ‘could eventually be the stepfather of the future King of England’ and so killed her, preventing any chance of the two lovers becoming wedded to each other. This claim has the support of the rumours that flouted around even before Diana died. Several newspapers committed that Diana had began to grow a baby bump. However, it should be stated, the post-mortem suggested there to be no sign of a child. That being said, if the British government could kill royalty surely they could influence the after investigations…

Another point, that those who believe Diana was murdered are quick to bring up, are the flashing lights. On the night of Diana’s death many people reported flashes from the tunnel where crash would happen – flashes that would be blamed for the collision. Could it be that these flashes were no accident but rather put in place to distract the driver into crashing…?

A third reason for many debating the cause of the princess’ death is the implication that the car had been tampered with. Many people saw the car that night and claim it was driving at different speeds, implying it had been meddled with. One the other hand, however, you would suggest that someone of Diana's nobility would be in a car thoroughly checked but would it really be that hard for the British government to make a small change that would lead to a huge outcome?