In these troubling and uncertain times, it is difficult to set routines or follow tasks that we have set for ourselves. One of these mandatory tasks is keeping fit and healthy when we don’t have a physical gym or park to go to. In this situation, I am sure that many of you have thought of different ways in which to keep healthy and some of us have taken it upon ourselves to keep not just ourselves, but the nation healthy.

One of these individuals is Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach TV.

This amazing individual started with an aim to be PE teacher, but later translated that dream into his work. Rather than becoming the PE teacher for a school, he has now become the PE teacher for the entire world.

In this current situation, there are certain individuals that we should be looking up to for inspiration, and Joe Wicks remains one of these individuals that have constantly strived to selflessly better the community, in the process, making the entire world- it seems - a better place.