As our society develops, it becomes easier and cheaper to constantly buy new clothes, even if we have an abundance of them sitting in piles at home. This is mainly due to the accessibility through online shopping as well as streets brimming with shops everywhere tempting us at each corner.


Even though we may find fast fashion quick and easy to find and buy, it is important to consider how the toxic dyes used are the 2nd largest polluter of clean water as well as how large the environmental footprint is due to its production and disposal. These clothes will end up in landfills in masses and the chemicals will cause damage by leaching into the ground in addition to them not being able to decompose due to their synthetic nature. Furthermore, not only does it produce a tenth of the world’s carbon emissions, but it has also led to the exploitation many workers across the globe.


Recently however, more and more young people have made a conscious decision to reduce their fast fashion purchases and buy from more ethical shops such as charity shops. Many, as can be seen across social media platforms including TikTok which has rapidly increased its profile numbers, have also decided to make their own clothing out of old clothes, instead of throwing them away. All sorts have been made and the original materials have even been their grandparents’ old clothes as they not only want to help the environment but also keep the memory of their grandparents through clothes they too would wear now.


These people help influence those everywhere and highlight the importance of finding ways to reduce clothes waste as well as helping decrease fast fashion everywhere.


By Aurora Middleton