Seeing Disneyland in Florida Orlando

Ecstatic and hyper-energetic, I sauntered into the immaculate coach, anticipating not only the hotel’s view but also the electrifying delight that awaited me. Through the windows, I could see the lush shrubbery, polished pristine pretty houses, and feel the tranquil atmosphere. Stepping out the cool coach, I approached this magnificent, glamorous hotel with cerulean dolphins and orange shade -  immediately after I  strutted out the perimeter of the coach -  a surge of a scorching blaze hit me. 

Darting into the hotel, leaving my parents to tender with the suitcases I explored the inside. Eyes - my eyes widened in astonishment to the very dapper, glossy, classy chandelier (insta-worthy pic ) that enchanted you further into the Hotel. If you ever come to Disneyland you should definitely stay in the hotel because it is better than having to self-catering and make your own bed. I could be in heaven -   but no I’m here in Disneyland having the time of my life. Entering the hotel room of the Lake Buena Vista Disney Dolphin, I was exhilarated and ended up jumping from bed to bed until finally I was exhausted and glanced at the enchanting scene of the lake, beach, and boardwalk - it was unforgettable.  The hotel’s food and dining experience had you raking up the $$$ and the word around town was that the Disney Parks had you raking up $$$$  so we went on an adventure to explore the deep depths of … Walmart. We bought a lot of things: bread, Nutella (you can’t live without it), Kool-Aid and Milk.  Hauling the shopping back in the big 4by4 we were quick to zoom in to our cozy, snug beds for our early morning.

At the quack of dawn, we woke up to see Donald Duck at the Animal Kingdom but the first food. I looked at the elaborate set breakfast table and swallow in apprehension. In front of me laid the sweetest, the milkest, the creamiest milk ever and mounds and pounds of cereal that was straight out of a Kellogs advert there was enough to be able to feed a ravenous Garfield. We packed our lunch and then we hit the road. This year 2018 has marked the years of Disney World Resort Orlando 53 year anniversary.

Invading the Animal Kingdom armed with our backpacks and Minnie/Mickey ears we set force to security. Advancing into the Disney Park, a worker with a giant grin: “ Have fun!”. My brother then leads onto a que for a Safari Park. I was taken away by the atmosphere of this place because how can something so invigorating and boisterous make you feel so harmonious and untroubled. Loading onto a jungle jeep we zoomed of to see the safari animals. One of the giraffes was looking straight at us, and came right outside of the jeep (he was very friendly) - it was the greatest moment in this ride. We then finished the ride and (still led my brother) walked to the show, The Lion King. Mesmerized by the performance my sister told me  “Again, Again!”.  It was eventually my turn to pick where we should go I chose the sacred land of Pandora - the Avatars land. We joined the queue which was as long as a snake. We were on the boat that went through Pandora. This was the day where we would get the full Avtarian experience. Everywhere we looked we saw the luminescent, neon pinks purples and blues radiating through the tunnel. It was spectral, it was picturesque, it was beautiful. It captivated us. On the way out we saw: a tiger who looked very much like a tiger from Winnie and we saw a baby capuchin monkey it was the cutest most adorable monkey in the world with its pink-tinged mouth, white and black fur and animated eyes. After our encounter with the animal kingdom, we decided that we definitely have to go back there soon. And on that high note, I’m unleashed to the pleasing, comfortable benevolent thing we call a bed.

My brother still engulfed in the memory of Pandora, a day later: “What are we doing today?” he pauses for emphasis “or are you too lazy to get up.” Altogether we decided to go swimming at the Typhoon Lagoon. Later in the afternoon, we stuffed ourselves to the brim. And on that high note, we walked onto the bus to the Lagoon and the rest was history.