Many students were kept occupied in their little bubble: school, sudden alarming topic tests and learning the Renegade Dance Trend, which was blowing up on the well loved app, Tik Tok, had occupied them.


Coronavirus has shadowed the commitments for all students and had stopped students from even considering how their lives were going to be impacted in the upcoming weeks…


People’s priorities now are not what they were before. This is opening the eyes of the busy, into the quite scenic and slow-paced lives being lived during Lockdown.


The Breaking News articles, the constant press meetings, the new research being found increases the noise of the chattering voice in people’s heads.


What is next? What should we be doing? Should we start stocking up like others, and not be mindful of those who desperately need food?


A pandemic like this has never been seen before.


But, unlike many other wars that our world had observed, we are fighting against something that does not discriminate against age, gender, sexuality, disability, economic status, religion, race, and many other categories that someone can be placed in.


It can take anyone, anytime, anywhere and it cannot be controlled.


From being in Lockdown, through some free time and research, many have found that Nature has been reviving and blooming as the humans had rested, in their once distracted world of work.


The air is cleaner (amount of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide had reduced by 40%), due to the lack of cars on the road, reducing the risks of asthma and other such diseases. Mountains that were once covered in the facade of human ego have now been uncovered.


Chemically infected rivers, fresh water lakes and oceans are now cleared and are thriving with marine life.


Rain has become more beautiful to watch and turtles coming to the beaches confidently, without the fear that they once had with humans and are hatching and having more freedom.


Many families have become more resourceful with what they have. The lack of resources that had been in supermarkets has scared many families and so food is appreciated more. From this, people will understand that even doing one shop in two weeks can enough to feed 5.


Humans need to appreciate our planet Earth and learn how to love our blue planet. From viruses and fungi, plants and insects, to terrestrial and marine wildlife, we share this planet. We have to learn to share, rather than to dominate.


Humans must live harmoniously with Nature: this will only enable us to live better heartfelt lives. The use of animal products, wasting water, burning toxic fuels in our cars are among the few things we do that are killing Mother Nature.


By protecting out planet now, we will help next generations of humans residing on the Earth, and so they will live happy lives, not needing to deal with the mistakes of their ancestors.


We must solve these issues imminently because we are running out of time to undo the damage that past and present generations have inflicted on our planet.


Virus’ like coronavirus should not have the same impact on any other generation.


The word that will save our drastically descending world: Gratitude. Wind, water, fields of fresh produce, land, flowers, small animals, and many other things are helping us humans to live on this world. Thanks should be given to the smallest of bacteria that help with decay: these small workers in this world are helping humans to live their daily lives.


From this pandemic, people that have helped many to function every day must be thanked. Simple things are what touch people, more than big gestures.


Using this opportunity, thanks must be given to the NHS workers that are working night and day tirelessly in order for many to overcome this deadly virus. Moreover, the nurses that care for the patients, the hard-work that the cleaners do so that the hospitals are kept sanitary must be saluted for their sacrifices! From the cashiers in supermarkets to the bin men that collect the rubbish of the UK your work is much appreciated!


The world has evidenced many catastrophes: it has learnt to fight back and bounce back into something better than how it was before. In this pandemic, humans will fight back and will come stronger and bolder because of corona. If this Lockdown period is used to for humans to better themselves, greater heights can be reached with Nature.


Written by Lakavi Suthan, Woodford County High School.