We have been in Quarantine for almost six weeks and it was announced yesterday by Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, that we have reached the peak of our nation’s battle with the virus. Which is good news, Mr Johnson also informed us that we are entering a “volatile” stage with the virus and therefore we must continue following the guidelines set in place to stop the spread as this is proof it is working. You may be wondering what is peak and why it is good.

Unlike, earlier weeks, the peak is where according to infectious disease statistic modelling experts is where rather than cases and death rates increasing quickly, cases are levelling-off and even decreasing. This should follow by a decline in cases almost symmetrical to the increasing climb. This is good as it implies all the drastic measures put in place were worth it and we can soon ease ourselves back into the routine of our normal lives.

Although the government has not specified how lockdown rules we be lifted, it is likely that we follow a similar system to that of other European countries that reached their peak earlier than us. France has eased some of their lockdown rules, and many small shops and restaurants have opened up again, there is controversy on whether it is too early to open schools again. There have been rumours that the country will may be follow a ‘traffic light system’ where the opening of public places will be opened gradually depending on their size, to stop the virus resurfacing.

What is definite, is the continued implementation of sanitary precautions such as regular hand washing which is essential. As well as the use of scarves and other materials to cover your mouth and nose with in public places especially public transport, masks are not recommended as most are single use and may spread any trace of the virus more.

Even though there is not much information out yet, we can be sure that progress is being made and our lives will slowly go back to normal. Please stay at home and continue following guidelines!

By: Dinah Owiredu, Newstead Wood