1. Cinnamon sugar bread crusts

This delicious sweet treat is not only quick and easy to bake, but also makes use of stale bread or unwanted crusts. All you require is bread crust, cinnamon, sugar and butter and any other tasty spices or ingredients you would like to add! They are just like donuts, only healthier, quicker and easier to make. 

Click this link for the full recipe: https://www.recipetineats.com/cinnamon-sugar-bread-crust-treats/


2. Homemade baked Beignets 

These pillow-like pastries are perfect to make on a boring day in quarantine. They are light, fluffy and delightful to taste. 

Click the link for the full recipe: 



3. Lastly, the quick and crunchy rice krispie treats.

These can be made with coco pops, rice krispies, frosties, really any cereales you have in the house along with your favourite chocolate. Simply melt down your chocolate, mix it with the cereales and refrigerate until solid. Quick, easy and tasty!