With coronavirus on everyone’s mind at the moment, it is hard to think about anything else but that. However, while football may not be the most important thing on the list of priorities right now, many believe bringing it back is crucial for people’s wellbeings and mental health. Often, people’s opinions on the matter of whether football should come back or not depend on what club they support and the position they are in - whether this is moral or not is definitely up for debate. For AFC Wimbledon Fans, there are three main possibilities for how the season could end. However, due to their current position in the league being just one above the relegation zone, The Dons’ place in League one is in scrutiny in each as things are sure to come down to the wire.


Option One: The League Continues

The scenario most football fans want is for the beautiful game to come back and for all four English leagues to continue playing till the end of the season. However, considering Wimbledon are just three points ahead of the relegation zone, this is up for debate between fans as to whether it should happen. Considering the team’s recent form in which they have lost just one game in their last five, most Dons would be confident of securing their place in the league. However, form is temporary and considering the team’s slow start to the season, it will be hard for them to maintain the momentum they had 2 months ago. 


Option Two: The Season Ends and the places are based on Average Points per Game

The scenario that looks increasingly likely is for the league to end and for the table to be decided based on points per game. Due to Corona Virus, AFC Wimbledon can consider them lucky as EFL announced that only three teams would be relegated this year instead of the normal four. Had this been a normal season, it would be much more likely that we would be seeing the team back in the fourth division. However, if this is the scenario that plays out, AFC Wimbledon would stay up based on the fact they have an average of one point per game for this season, meaning they would come 20th and narrowly avoid relegation. 


Option Three: We End on The Current League Table

A more unlikely scenario is that we just end the season here and the current league table is what we end the season with. Again, if this scenario plays out, the Dons will finish 20th, narrowly avoiding relegation and staying in the third division for another year. 

From all three situations, the most likely result for the Dons is that they stay up for another season, while this is mainly down to luck, it is likely that most fans will be happy with any of these scenarios playing out.