Kites are found all over the world and they are easy to use. My suggestions are to make sure you know the weather is good so for example no rain no heatwave or unpredictable weather so its safe for you to go out and enjoy. sunny windy days are like a god send because its  you can soak up some sun and enjoy flying your kite. kites that are rare and hand made or customised should be flown with caution because a single mistake can have the kites end up in the wrong place  or end up broken or torn. This is why the weather should be taken into account before flying. Spider-kites Wingman
kites are an under appreciated sport that is out in the world. kites should be used more often as people will build a strong bond with it and it will amaze a person to how much they actually like flying kites in a lovely warm summers day. A beginners choice should be SpiderKites Wingman as it is easy to operate and to control as you get further used to the beginners kite you can then proceed to get more professional custom made and handmade kites that you can safe fly and preserve. This is why i urge you to research into possible kites for a beginner and what type of design as well this includes patterns or names that can be posted onto their kites. Kites are cheap and very fun to fly. You can either make it yourself or get it professionally done. This includes knowing the right equipment to buy and use. There are videos online that you can use to help you. This is a must during this lockdown as you can operate it from your garden. Kite flying is in the rise.