On Thursday night the towns were filled with people from all the over the United kingdown clapping for the carers, The NHS and the key workers working day in, day out to protect our people and save lives. Such gratitude was shared from people dancing to poeple making loud claps with saucepans and spoons to express their gratitude towards our keyworkers who are working endlessly to save lives and fight against this virus. Fireworks were set off in several locations many fireworks being in the famous NHS light blue and famous London monuments such as the shard and London eye were lit up in the NHS colours. 

Not everybody knows how much a simple act of clapping for our key workers can mean to a key worker. If everybody can go outside and spare one minute to thank those who are working tirelessly to save lives it means the world to those key workers knowing people are grateful for what they are doing. As the message is that has been shared now for three weeks if not longer stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives. I would also add be grateful. For what you have, for what these key workers are sacrificing to ultimately protect us and trying their hardest to save lives. It could be our loved ones they are protecting and saving. We must ultimately remember that one death as a result of coronavirus leads to somebody loosing a loved one, grieving and suffering. We must be grateful for our key workers, the NHS and everybody even if it is just talking to a lonely nieghbour that are trying their hardest to fight this virus, offer support or make sure our country is running rightfully for those who need it. For examples those working in public transport still running for key workers to use and get to and from work and supermarkets staying open, working extra hard so we can buy simple necessities. 

After lockdown is over we should reflect on this as a experience. After lockdown we should continue to help neighbours, be grateful to key workers and the NHS. When lockdown is over and life gets back to normal those key workers are still doing their job to help us. The NHS are still saving lives and transport workers are still working long hours to get us from place to place. Neighbours still may be lonely and need shopping. After lockdown we should still be doing these acts of kindness to share gratitude and help those in need in our local community. Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.