This Covid-19 pandemic will go down in history for one of the toughest moments in UK history. Under strict rules given by the Government we are not allowed to leave our houses. So what are we meant to do during this monumental epidemic?


After asking multiple school students from South West London I have found the two best things to do during this isolation period.

Firstly, exercise! South West London being more on the outskirts can fortunately mean we have gardens. Even though we are not allowed to leave our houses we are still allowed to go into our gardens. This can mean that we can utilise our space provided and exercise by playing football through to just even strolling in the garden. If the weather isn’t particularly pleasant there’s always an option to work out indoors ultimately increasing your physical strength. (If possible try working out in sunlight as sun light is rich in vitamins like Vitamin C) As well as exercising being enjoyable it’s been proven to boost your immune system making your body in an even better condition helping it keep away from illness. 

An alternative is mastering a new skill/ revising or completing school work. With lots of spare time in hand it is best to keep our minds engaged in some enjoyable and interesting activities. There is not many moments in our life where we have this much time on our hands and it would be beneficial to make the most of it. Keeping our minds engaged is essential and can cure any boredom which may form whilst learning something new.

This period is a very difficult time which will have many consequences. However, it’s important we stay at home and keep washing our hands. The only way this epidemic will improve will be if we stay at home. Here was some advice from South West London, hopefully you can embrace some of these ideas and make your isolation much more fun and enjoyable.