As many of us find ourselves locked inside our houses with far less things to do, it would be easy for us to slide into laziness and unproductivity. However, there are many activities you could use to entertain yourself when boredom hits or, alternatively, you could use the time to nurture yourself and take advantage of life slowing down.

Clean up: When trapped inside a single space it’s essential to keep it clean. With the extra time there’s no reason not to keep on top of daily chores but also to do some deeper cleaning. Everyone has a junk drawer or a pile of unorganised papers that really should be sorted out rather than filed away for another day. Additionally, you could take the time to do repair work or redecorate your space to make your house feel fresh and practical.

Start learning a language: In the age of the internet, language learning is no longer confined to schools and libraries. Take the chance to expand your knowledge and start a learning journey may want to do but never quite found the time before. This is already proving to be a popular option with apps such as Duolingo noting an uptick in new accounts.

Pamper yourself: meditate, yoga or a hot bath – what is relaxing for someone varies from person to person. Treat yourself! Taking time to look after your mental health and enjoy some peace could be a great way to deal with the stress and anxiety you may feel while scanning the news.

Go through the films you’ve be wanting to watch: Hopefully you’ll experience the wide spectrum of emotion that can be communicated on the screen: from the best picture winners at the Oscars to a blockbuster extravaganza everyone else has caught up on. If you want to make the experience even better, watch along with friends over video-chat apps such as skype or houseparty and enjoy a movie marathon complete with popcorn and good company.

Improve your cooking skills: Without hectic commutes and over-stuffed schedules you can take the time to properly indulge in good food. Try a new recipe, become inspired by masterchef or perfect a family-favourite to discover new skills and techniques within the kitchen. The best part of the plan? As well as having the enjoyment of cooking all this food, you have the pleasure of eating it all!

By Eleanor Kirkland, Esher College