Boris’s Insensitivity towards the COVID-19.


The Covid-19 has been classified as a national emergency by the WHO (World’s Health Organisation), and many countries have taken precautions and ensured safety for their country and their society. Except for our government. The UK government. Boris has denied this virus to be seen as a National Emergency and refuses to take care of the health and safety of the people, the elderly. We have had over 1500 cases of coronavirus and 35 people have died. Moreover, in North London, there has been the first-ever case of a newborn baby being tested positive of Covid-19 – and our government has decided to stay silent. Is this the type of government we have placed our safety and security in? Is this the type of government you wanted to keep the safety of your CHILD’S life in? In order to make our country prosper you have voted for Boris Johnson. Now, look at the state of this country. People fighting over toilet rolls and hand wash like desperate children in need of food. We are one of the richest countries in the world and we have fallen so far as if we are rationing food in the World War. The people in Syria, Libya, Burma, Palestine who are fighting for freedom and fleeing their countries from war, they are the same people who our country’s leaders wanted to shun them away and not see the plight of the poor. They wanted limited access for immigrant and asylum seekers – but look at our state now – we have become like them. We have become desperate. Our Prime Minister Boris does not want school closures until numbers get as high as 10,000 cases – he even claimed in his speech that “a lot of people will lose their loved ones.” This shows the lack of consideration for the country he is meant to keep safe. He doesn’t care for the people. He just cares for himself.   

There have been many complaints by the public for Boris’s lack of consideration to recognise the extremity of the Corona Virus – even countries around the world have looked down upon us in shame as we have taken heed to the situation. On March 20th 2020, the public would hold a protest against the government as we shall “take matters into our own hands” and partake in a “school self-isolation walkout” as we should “speak for the people, not for them.” I personally agree with this. If our government doesn’t want to take control of the safety of the people in this country, then I think parents/carers should make that decision for themselves. It’s their child and they should do what they feel is befitting for them and their child’s health and safety. All countries have recognised the danger of COVID-19, except Boris. If the government is not going to do anything then it should be the responsibility of the parents to take care of their health as well as the health of their kids.