Hate Crime has been a crucial issue within our society for decades. The spike in Hate Crime always results in pain and torment for a particular sector within our society when something bad occurs and people feel it is necessary to put the blame on someone else. Ethnic minorities such as black people and Asian people, especially Muslims, are the main victims of this type of abuse due to the influence of Fake News that is constantly portrayed in the media. When there are media outlets claiming “black people are killing other black people…” there instantly becomes hate against black people and a stigma begins to grow about the “recklessness” of black men or black boys when in a group together. Furthermore, the same applies when Muslims walk the streets – if a terrorist attack happens there is an instant spike in Islamophobia and Muslims are targeted of abuse of something that has nothing to do with them.

I have found that in our society there is this unfairness of racial and religious discrimination but only for people of colour and particularly Muslim communities. But what about white people? What about the KKK? What about the multiple cases of white people smuggling drugs or the fact that they have the most cases when it comes to rape and paedophilia? We do not find ourselves holding them accountable for acts of other white people because it simply has nothing to do with them. This is the same response people from an ethnic background yearn for as well. They should not feel belittled and held accountable for something that does not concern them. Just like the shadows, the cover white people from receiving hate the same should be applied for minorities who have to constantly battle these misconstrued assumptions made on them.